Giving Loyalist Women a Voice

Giving Loyalist Women a Voice


Uneven narrative.  That’s what I see when I scour the bookshelves to read the stories of Northern Ireland.

I was born and raised in Tiger’s Bay, North Belfast in the early 1970’s.  It was a tough gig, there is no doubting that.  Not all of those who have suffered over the years have had equal space to share their stories, express their views or talk openly.  Not from a Unionist and Loyalist perspective and especially not from a female one.

In my quest to understand my own identity, Her Loyal Voice was born. I have felt for some time that women from Loyalist traditions have been kept from sharing their stories and their views. These women offer a unique and profound insight.

As a researcher and blogger, I can think of nothing better than being the conduit for giving voice to Loyalist women.

I will let the stories be told.  If you wish to share your story, your views or thoughts please email me on


The aims of Her Loyal Voice are:

  • To provide a platform for the voices of loyalist women to be heard by going to where women are.
  • Facilitate positive policy change by sharing the views and ideas of loyalist women.
  • Communicate the findings of research, surveys and interviews to policy makers to influence the policy cycle.
  • To start a conversation about issues of concern to loyalist women.
  • Create a culture where different option is heard and not pre-judged.
  • Provide a safe environment where loyalist women can speak out, be heard and share their lived experiences of growing up and living in Northern Ireland.

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